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Estate Administration/Probate

When someone dies, his or her assets will need to be distributed in some manner. Sometimes the probate of his or her estate is required by a court application, and sometimes it is not. In either case, the administration of the estate consists of:

  • Assembling the assets of the deceased person
  • Moving towards the distribution of these assets
  • Paying taxes and obligations along the way

Our firm has many years of experience in concluding this work and have uniquely experienced staff to assist. Our goal is to make sure you are comfortable with all the steps that are taken, and that we explain these steps, and why they are or are not necessary as the administration of the estate progresses.

Estate/Beneficiary Conflicts

Our firm deals with estate disputes or confusion that might arise when someone passes away, including:

  • What is to be done if there is no will
  • If there are multiple wills being advanced by different persons
  • If the will is ambiguous, poorly drafted or hard to understand
  • What can be done if there is lack of co-operation between family members, executors and beneficiaries

There are solutions to these problems and we can provide them.